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This review won’t be standardized. And that’s because I’m not a big fan of wire crates and generally don’t recommend them. But they are trendy. Probably because they are inexpensive and more durable than plastic or fabric, at the same time, wire crates can be dangerous.

That’s why this review is about whether you should buy a wire crate and how to make a choice. I’ve also compiled a list of the best wire dog crates. It will help you choose a safe crate and minimize the risks.

Are wire crates good for dogs?

Unfortunately, dogs get injured more often in wire crates:

  • If the bars are not stable, a dog can chew or bend them and injure himself.
  • Sometimes paws get stuck between the bars, and some snag the bars with their claws and jaws. In these situations, the animals panic and hurt themselves even more.
  • Wire crates are not suitable for transportation in a car. Because in case of an accident, the bars can break and cause additional wounds.

This information is not discussed in the reviews. But I want to help you and your pet. 

In my opinion, it is much better to buy plastic, sturdy metal, or wooden crates. A fabric crate is fine for car trips. If you are just starting training, it is better to choose one of the indestructible kennels.

If you still decide to buy a wire crate, choose it carefully. If you choose a really high quality crate, you can safely do the crate training.

Comparison table

Best quality wire dog crate
Precision Pet Products Two Door Great Crate Wire Dog...
Safer wire crate
Ribitek Dog Crate Dog Cage Dog Kennel Metal Wire...
Premium choice
Diggs Revol Dog Crate (Collapsible Dog Crate, Portable...
Precision Pet Products Two Door Great Crate Wire Dog...
Ribitek Dog Crate Dog Cage Dog Kennel Metal Wire...
Diggs Revol Dog Crate (Collapsible Dog Crate, Portable...
Price not available
Best quality wire dog crate
Precision Pet Products Two Door Great Crate Wire Dog...
Precision Pet Products Two Door Great Crate Wire Dog...
Safer wire crate
Ribitek Dog Crate Dog Cage Dog Kennel Metal Wire...
Ribitek Dog Crate Dog Cage Dog Kennel Metal Wire...
Price not available
Premium choice
Diggs Revol Dog Crate (Collapsible Dog Crate, Portable...
Diggs Revol Dog Crate (Collapsible Dog Crate, Portable...

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Review of the best wire dog crates

Best quality wire dog crate – Petmate Navigator

Petmate Navigator dog wire crate

Available sizes: 19 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 42 inch, 48 inch

Petmate is one of the best manufacturers of pet products. They have been making dog cages for 50 years. They know how to make quality products, as proven by hundreds of positive customer reviews. That’s why I added this crate to my list.

I’ve also noticed some advantages of this crate:

  • the door locks in 5 places for extra security;
  • security is provided by the thick wire and strong welds;
  • the crate can be divided with a dividing panel to change size as your pup grows;
  • there are 2 separate entrances;
  • it can be folded and has a carrying handle;
  • 6 sizes for different breeds of dogs.

Safer wire crate – Ribitek Dog Crate

Available sizes: 34 inch

In my opinion, this kennel with a roof and the wooden back wall is safer. These additional walls reduce the number of gaps through which a dog can crawl.

Also, the bars are evenly spaced and there are no protruding parts to catch on. The wire walls are connected with several latches, which should ensure the stability of the structure.

This crate can be used as a table. Unfortunately, it is not foldable. It is suitable only for home use. Also, the manufacturer offers only 1 size, but you can always look for a similar product.

Diggs Revol Dog Crate – Premium choice

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Available sizes: small, medium

Available colours: white, charcoal, grey, pine

This wire-plastic crate can be an alternative option:

  • it is safer;
  • easy to assemble and disassemble (so you can take it anywhere);
  • well ventilated;
  • 2 doors and a secure, reinforced lock.

I also like the look of this crate. It looks much more attractive than most wire crates. The manufacturer claims that their crate is designed to be safer for the dog. They have removed all the gaps that dogs would normally crawl through.

The Diggs Revol crate is made of durable aluminum and reinforced plastic. But you have to pay a lot for high quality.

Best for Large Dogs – Frisco Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Frisco Heavy Duty wire Dog Crate

Available sizes: Med/L (36-in L x 25.5-in W x 26.5-in H) L (42-in L x 29-in W x 30-in H), XL (48-in L x 30-in W x 32-in H)

This crate might be a good option for larger dogs. I also liked the advanced tamper-proof locks.
It comes with a divider, which is handy for puppies. You can separate the small space right away and make it bigger when the puppy gets older. Frisco crate has 2 doors: front and side.

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a wire crate for your dog, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The quality of the steel and the welds. The sturdier, the better. The construction should not be flimsy and wobbly.
  • The distance between the bars. The smaller the distance, the better. If the distance between the bars is too large, the animal can stick its paw through and get stuck.
  • Extra door (this is more convenient).
  • Availability of a tray. The crate should have a bottom because the dog will feel uncomfortable walking on the bars. In addition, he can get caught with his claws.
  • The connection between the parts of the crate. Some crate walls and roofs don’t fit together well, which can cause your puppy to try to put his head through the gap.
  • Make sure there are no sharp ends sticking out, which might hurt the animal.

One more important thing: I do not recommend buying a cheap wire crate for your dog. Low-quality wire crates are especially dangerous. The dog can chew on the bars, try to get out and injure himself. I’ve often heard of such cases.

So if you have already decided to buy a wire crate, don’t spare the money for it. 


Are metal dog crates safe?

Unfortunately, they often cause injuries to dogs. A dog can bend the bars and crawl through them, injuring itself. Still, a wire crate can be safe if you choose a quality one and follow all the recommendations for its use.

What kind of dog is a wire crate suitable for?

It is suitable for dogs that have already undergone crate training and do not have separation anxiety.

Why is it necessary to remove the collar before putting the dog in a wire crate?

Because a dog can get caught on the wire with its collar.

How do I use a wire crate safely?

First, make sure the crate is the right size for your dog. Do not leave the dog unattended in the crate for the first week. Then, only leave him there for short periods of time. You can use a pet camera to monitor your pet while you are away.

I also recommend this video that explains how to make a wire crate safe.

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