Puppy teeth chart. Time for the breakthrough of the new teeth

This puppy teeth chart shows:

  • when puppies get their first milk teeth and when they lose them;
  • when the first adult teeth erupt and when puppies stop teething;
  • how many teeth a puppy should have.
Puppy teeth chart
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As you can see from the chart, a puppy should have 20 milk teeth at 5-6 weeks. Then, at 12-16 weeks, a new stage begins – baby teeth start to fall out and are replaced with permanent teeth. As a rule, this happens according to the following plan:

  • the first incisors change at 4-5 months;
  • the fangs erupt almost simultaneously with the incisors;
  • then the premolars and molars begin to appear.
canine dental chart

When a puppy’s teeth erupt, his gums may hurt and itch. Therefore, put away shoes and other things that your puppy can break. Instead, give your puppy safe, age-appropriate chew toys. I recommend you read my article on how to stop your dog from chewing his bed.

Notice. If permanent teeth are growing instead of milk teeth (i.e., milk teeth are not falling out), you should see your veterinarian. This pathological condition leads to a poor bite and various periodontal diseases. Therefore, the teeth may need to be removed.

By the way, puppies are more likely to swallow their milk teeth, so it is not a fact that you will find them in your home. And in this picture you can see what fallen dog teeth look like:

what do puppy teeth look like when they fall out

When do puppies stop teething

Teething should stop at the age of six months. At this age, it’s a good time to visit the vet. The vet will check to see if all the teeth have changed, if the dentition is correct, etc. An adult dog should have 42 teeth (22 on the bottom and 20 on the top).

When all the permanent teeth have erupted, you should get into the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth. Use a special toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs. Regular brushing can help prevent plaque and bad breath. It also reduces the risk of dental disease.

I hope this article was helpful for you. And if you still have questions, ask them in the comments!

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