Where to put dog crate? The best place

Before you start crate training, you need to create the right conditions. First you need to decide where to put the dog crate in the house. Your dog’s safety and comfort depends on it.

In this ultimate guide, I will tell you where to place the dog crate for adult dogs or puppies in the best way. Finally, I will give you some tips on what to put in the crate.

The best place for a dog crate

When choosing a place for a dog crate in your home, you should consider several factors:

  • 👉dogs need to interact with their owners and see what is going on around them;
  • 👉the crate should be a pleasant place, not an isolated place of punishment;
  • 👉the crate must be comfortable, it mustn’t be too hot or too cold for the dog so that it doesn’t get sick.

The best place for a dog crate is a bedroom or a family room. If you’re going to leave the dog in the crate overnight, it’s better to put it in the bedroom, especially if you have just started crate training. The dog will feel calmer around you and the nights will pass without howling.

dog in the crate in the bedroom

During the day, you can put the crate in a busy area where the family usually spends time. This can be the kitchen or the living room. Let the dog see you. At the same time this place should be pretty quiet. You have to find the golden mean.

It’s convenient to have two crates: in the bedroom and in the living room. To save space in the house, you can buy a crate that looks like a piece of furniture. Such crates look very beautiful in the interior.

Where you shouldn’t put your dog crate

Do not put a dog crate:

  • in a dark corner or an enclosed area, far away from the whole family (like the laundry room or the garage). The dog will not want to sit in the crate for long in these conditions. He’ll feel abandoned or punished. This can eventually lead to behavior problems;
  • near radiators, a fireplace, or other heat source;
  • in direct sunlight;
  • in a place where there may be a draft;
  • near power cords.

Also, make sure there are no poisonous plants near the crate. Some houseplants can be toxic to dogs, so check that information.

where you sholdn't put dogs' crate
Where you shouldn’t put a dog crate

Where to put your puppy’s crate

The first few days in a new home, most puppies are very vulnerable. If you leave them somewhere alone, there’s a good chance they’ll cry and howl. Puppies are incredibly lonely at night and can get separation anxiety.

For these reasons, I recommend leaving the puppy in your bedroom near your bed at night. Being near you is comfortable and the puppy will sleep peacefully. Plus, you can hear when the puppy wants to pee. Small puppies usually need to be taken to the bathroom once a night.

puppy in crate

Once the puppy gets used to its new home, you can move the crate away from the bed. Move it a little further away from the bed each day and then out of the room altogether.

Does the crate need to be covered?

To create a more private area for your dog, you can cover the crate (but leave one side open). Some dogs find this calming. They hide in their “den” when they are afraid or want to be alone.

I mean, a crate cover can be useful. I love that thing. But I know some dogs don’t like them. So go by your dog’s preferences.

You can try covering the crate with a blanket first and then buy a special cover like this one:

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For more information on how to make your dog's crate more comfortable, check out What to put in your dog's crate.


Should my dog’s crate be in my bedroom?

It’s really better to leave the crate in your bedroom at night. If the dog sleeps next to you, he’ll be more comfortable. But you don’t have to do that if it bothers you. You can choose another room, but not completely isolated, not in the far corner of the house.

Can I move the crate from room to room?

Dogs are more attached to the crate itself than the room it’s in. Some changes in the dog’s routine are even help to keep the dog from getting bored. But it’s more practical to have two crates so you don’t have to move them around, or buy a crate on wheels.


If you put the dog crate in the wrong place, the dog won’t feel comfortable there and your house training won’t be successful. So, the crate should be located in a safe room where the family spends more time.

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